Super Alloy

Among the industrial brands we represent, there is DELORO, a material manufacturer known worldwide for manufacturing special alloys with patented technology.
The company’s products are often used to cope with more extreme working conditions, especially the harsh conditions of high temperature, corrosion, and wear.
For Coblat base alloy either Stellite series or Haynes series etc,, we can supply various kind of components or parts in accordance with customer’s drawings.

Five Categories Of Products


The Stellite series is a cobalt-based alloy. With Cr, C, W, Mo as the main additional elements, it can show excellent comprehensiveness at a maximum temperature of 800 degrees. It can also be processed to a very low coefficient of friction. Therefore it is particularly suitable Usage of sliding friction.

Deloro & Nistelle

Both Deloro and Nistelle are nickel-based alloys, which can still exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance in a high-temperature environment of 600 degrees. Nistelle nickel-based castings have extremely excellent corrosion resistance. Deloro alloy adds Cr, C, B, Si and Fe. There is a larger hardness range to choose from, suitable for different use cases.


The Tribaloy series has cobalt-based alloys and nickel-based alloys. The higher Mo content makes them more suitable for adhesive wear (metal-to-metal friction) and poor lubrication conditions. Tribaloy can also withstand 800~ Extremely high temperature of 1000 degrees.

700 series

The 700 series is a cobalt-based alloy with Cr and Mo as the main alloying elements, and can maintain wear resistance in extremely severe corrosive environments (reducing acids such as hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid, and naphthenic acid).

Wrought & Forged Stellite

Both Stellite 6B and 6K are forged materials. Due to plastic deformation. The improved grain structure improves the physical properties such as strength. Due to its low coefficient of friction, Stellite 6B is generally used in a lubricant-free working environment. Stellite 6k is similar to Stellite 6B, the hardness is higher than him, and the ductility is lower than it. It is generally used to produce blades and scrapers.
According to your actual use, we will give you professional guidance and suggestions. then provide raw materials and castings that meet the standards.See some product data here.