Application In Different Industry

In different industry,According to different condition,budget,we need to choose the right material and processing technology in order to maximize economic efficiency under the premise of ensuring safety.


The development of the aerospace industry promotes and stimulates the continuous progress of materials technology.The materials used in aerospace pursue light weight, high strength and high temperature resistance, representing the most advanced technology level.
1. The performance improvement of the engine is closely related to the high temperature resistant structural materials.The increase in thrust-to-weight ratio depends on the increase in the inlet temperature of the front of the engine turbine, and this must be supported by materials with extremely high temperature resistance.
2. On the premise of ensuring that other performance requirements are met, lightweight materials can bring great advantages.

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas industry operates in some of the most challenging environments in the world. No matter what environment the equipment is facing,failure is not allowed. This places high demands on the materials.
Upstream: In the process of oil and gas production, cobalt-based alloys are commonly used for coating the joints, centralizers and other tools.The non-magnetic nature of the cobalt-based alloy makes it ideal for tools that require rotation.Stellite castings are also very suitable for use against sand-containing drilling fluids.The offshore oil and gas extraction platform is located in a more complex environment. It also requires that the materials used in the equipment can resist the corrosion of the salt water environment.AL-6XN is one of the commonly used alloy materials.
Midstream: After the oil and gas extraction is completed, transportation is required.In this process, it is necessary to ensure that the oil pipelines, pumps, and valves can operate normally for a long time.Alloy materials in contact with oil and gas should provide durable corrosion protection. 2205 is one of the commonly used materials.
Downstream: oil and gas storage and refining. 316 is one of the commonly used materials.

Power Generation

Most generators are driven by steam turbines.High-temperature and high-pressure steam from the boiler is accelerated through the nozzle and sprayed onto the blade to do work..The entire process has certain requirements for the materials used for blades, valves, pipes and other components, such as oxidation resistance, high temperature creep resistance, corrosion resistance,etc.Stellite 7 is commonly used in steam turbine blades. Stellite 12 is used in valve trims. 718 is also commonly used in steam turbine components.In the evaporator of a nuclear power plant, there are thousands of heat transfer tubes made of 690 alloy. Long-term immersion in a corrosive medium places high requirements on the corrosion resistance of the material.


The materials and equipment we provide can meet the requirements for normal operation of engine parts such as engine cylinder liners and valves under high temperature.
Deloro 40 and Deloro 50 are commonly used for welding valve sealing surfaces or valve seats.,Valve surfacing is an important application in plasma welding.
Different materials are used for turbocharger components, EGR system components, and other engine components.


In order to meet the strict standards of the civil and defense offshore industries, air melting and vacuum casting capabilities and powder sintered metal production technology are very important. Due to the long-term exposure to extremely complex marine conditions, the requirements for material selection are also quite different from other environments .Salt corrosion, thermal corrosion, particle erosion, and wear are all causes of engine failure in the marine environment. 625, 316, 718, and 6B are important materials used for offshore components.

Other Industry

Every aspect of life is inseparable from the application of alloy materials and process technology.
Medical implants need to use HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressure Technology) to combine and densify completely different materials.
Cobalt and nickel alloys, because of their excellent mechanical properties and biocompatibility, are commonly used in the manufacture of dentures in the dental industry.
The molds commonly used in the glass industry or the plastic industry often use deloro 22 and deloro35 as their materials.