Aluminum Alloy For Aerospace

Aluminum materials used in aerospace require a high strength-weight ratio. Under the process of heat treatment, aluminum alloys undergo precipitation hardening, which greatly improves the strength of the material. There are 8 series of aluminum alloys, two of them commonly used in the aerospace industry.

Two Series Commonly Used In Aerospace

2000 Series

Copper is the main alloy addition, strengthened by heat treatment. Corrosion resistance is better than other series. For example: 2024 is mainly used for propeller structural parts, aircraft skeleton; 2124 is mainly used for aircraft appearance, wings, etc.

7000 Series

Zinc is the main alloy addition. It is the highest strength series of all aluminum alloys. But the corrosion resistance is the worst. It is the main structural material of aerospace. For example, 7075 can be used for fuselage, wing, etc.
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